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jonahfresh All Natural Mouthwash Concentrate (Antimicrobial Herbs +Antifungal)

jonahfresh All Natural Mouthwash Concentrate (Antimicrobial Herbs +Antifungal)

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Great for travel size mouthwash and small spaces.

Jonahfresh all natural mouthwash concentrate is a carefully developed and formulated solution that dilutes with water to make a great tasting mouthwash for everyday use. Just a quick rinse attacks bad breath bacteria and leaves a clean feeling behind. This mouthwash concentrate is made using all natural ingredients so that you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals while you rinse. Made with a blend of essential oils and safe ingredients to remove germs and bad breath bacteria found in your mouth.

Jonahfresh mouthwash features a concentrated formula designed to kill germs and neutralize odor causing bacteria without stripping or irritating your teeth and gums. Just add 3-5 drops to cap and fill with water. Leaves mouth feeling clean and fresh.

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